Jaime’s Film Diary: February 28, 2020

In order to continue keeping this site as active as possible while I have not been able to write as many full-length film reviews as I had planned initially, I figured that another solution would have come by in placing my Letterboxd entries starting from the week before here as a placeholder for eventual full-length reviews that are set to come by, if I were able to find the time to write another one. But as is, these are quick thoughts that I figure would be nice to keep afloat so that the site will remain active on a regular basis.

First-time viewings are noted as such. You can follow me on Letterboxd right here.

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The Searchers – Review


A lot seems to have changed amidst the perspectives from watching The Searchers at different points of my life. My first viewing from childhood left a mark on my life that has never faded away. Looking at The Searchers amidst a more critical standpoint only further solidifies how highly I think of it. At this point, John Ford has mastered story structure in such a manner that everything is so seamless from start to finish, it could not be any better a film than it already stands out to be. Often hailed as the greatest American western, the reasons behind such a lofty reputation flash so clearly on the screen. In all the beauty which it displays, it is also a film so scathing with its views on the intolerance flooding society that still bites perfectly well today.
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