Room – Review


Room is a movie with good intentions but it establishes nothing to get us to fully connect with anything that’s given to us on the screen. Having heard a mix of thoughts regarding this one it only sparked my interest more but by the time I came out it, I just felt absolutely nothing. It’s really sad because from the positive things I heard at TIFF which sparked my interest, I’d have my hopes up. And as much as I really wanted to like it, Room turned out to be one of the most disappointing films that I have seen all year. What could have been a fascinating tale of a different sort of parenthood ends up a highly manipulative piece of drivel and ultimately, a big waste of potential when we consider how it could have been explored with Lenny Abrahamson behind the camera. A true letdown indeed. Continue reading →

The Wind Rises – Review


The words “Hayao Miyazaki’s swan song” should be enough to get a fan who was so closely connected to his works (speaking merely for myself in this case) even before having seen The Wind Rises. As a child, together with watching Pixar movies regularly in theaters, I would also find a way to access the films of Studio Ghibli, for they had opened my eyes to watching anime. I remember having seen Spirited Away at the age of 6, and nearly ten years after my first viewing the experience still retains the magic I remember from that moment, and I’ve become a big Hayao Miyazaki fan ever since. It was then, I found how watching The Wind Rises at such a late point after his retirement (I only saw it for my first time last year), it made me feel I wasn’t a fan dedicated enough. It was a beautiful swan song, it really felt like a fitting way for a great artist to tell his followers a heartbreaking goodbye, and the thought of it still brings me to tears. Continue reading →