Network – Review


Sidney Lumet’s Network is mad as hell and it won’t take it anymore. The mainstream media is set to do anything in order to boost their ratings, and that’s where Network still runs perfectly true even today. We already recognized the anger within Network‘s satire back when it came out and to this day, it remains one of the most vicious satires ever made, because today, the content which it shows is indeed still as shocking as it was back in 1976. The best way one can imagine a film like Network is to think of it as Sidney Lumet’s equivalent to Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove, and instead of the Cold War, place it within the context of television news networks, suddenly you’ll get the brooding cynicism that was presented here. Continue reading →

Sunset Boulevard – Review


Sometimes a thing that can haunt our minds is how we fear that at one point, we’re to be forgotten. It may not be nearly as big as what’s taken over the mind of Norma Desmond, but Billy Wilder shows us perfectly what if this specific fear came to hit the mind of someone who was so well-known and beloved at one point. Her name has faded away into obscurity thanks to the many new stars in the world of film that have taken over Hollywood, but where Sunset Boulevard triumphs is not only in its haunting look at the industry, but the biting cynicism and satire that can be felt all throughout. It gives the film industry a treatment it deserves, because forgetting about our past is a most unforgivable crime especially when it comes to what these films have left upon what we have now.

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