Chungking Express – Review


There are lots of films which we can think about them more and just the many ways in which we find ourselves connecting with them and Wong Kar-wai’s Chungking Express is one of those films for someone like myself. A small part of me only goes to think about how I’m not willing to let go of a memory inside of my head, whether it be that of a romantic affair or anything personal that’s just rooted inside of our head. It’s something that means so much to us, even if it’s already moved on, we still hang on. It’s something so simple we hang onto but our dedication just compels us. I’ll forewarn anyone reading, this is possibly to be a rambling of thoughts for even after a viewing, my love of Chungking Express strengthens more and more upon thoughts.

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In the Mood for Love – Review


I remember on one lonely night I turned to watch a specific Wong Kar-wai film when I was in an incredibly sober mood. That one film I came to was In the Mood for Love, a truly entrancing experience that I still have not yet forgotten. And upon a revisit, I feel as if something really comes back and hits me once again – and suddenly I’m convinced that it’s not only one of my favourite romantic stories, but truly one of the most mesmerizing of any sort of cinematic work, a beautiful film that gives some completely different definition to the word hypnotic. Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love is, as I see it, one of the best romance films ever made and one of the best films to have come out within the 21st century. Continue reading →