A Note For My American Friends

Many of my own friends who have gotten into contact with me as a result of social media have found themselves coming to a low point in their history: the fact that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were extremely close in terms of the election results. Unfortunately, the worst things imaginable have become a reality, not with the fact that Donald Trump has become the President of the United States, but also because we have come to a point that the competition had drawn such a close score – which goes to show the ignorance of many American citizens on either end of the political spectrum. Over social media, I have made clear my disdain of Donald Trump and the very idea that he would ever become the president for the country to which my home is also a neighbor, but for every bad moment, it is easy to say there is a bright side.

For the record, I will not be chastising anyone for their choice of whom they had voted, because I’m not the sort of individual who is compelled by their own political beliefs to sink themselves down to that degree. But if there was something that this election had taught me, it was the fact that the worst of both sides has been let out, and admittedly I have also been guilty of letting out on this. I’ve been unfriended and have also unfriended/blocked people back and forth as a result of where the elections have gotten, but never was it because of the fact that they stood for what they believed in – I just couldn’t handle the extreme ignorance that I was witnessing when people ended up converting themselves either to a dead-on Hillary supporter or Trump supporter.

If I wanted to address the ignorance that came about with both sides of the spectrum, there was a whole lot coming along especially during the period in which we had all the ridiculous Ghostbusters controversy around. We have ignorance rising in regards to what the film apparently seemed to be standing for, and at the same time what we also had outside of that were the dismissals on both ends towards how either side is set to be affected greatly by the election. In the past few months, I blocked someone whom I was friends with for years because the Trump support he had shown got so extreme to the point that dismissals of the problems which minorities were facing became more prevalent, and that’s part of the problem. It’s so easy to say you’re living inside of harmony when these people play the victim complex and ignore the many problems that people within other groups not their own have been facing. And yet the responses that I get range from memes against either side of the spectrum, only proving my fears for the future had been coming true – as if Brexit was not enough to have everything kicking off for my friends in the United Kingdom.

What I would also like to clarify is that numerous times I have made clear my disdain of the idea of Donald Trump becoming president, I try to maintain a nonpartisan stance when it comes to the future of America. We were at a point in which we had two terrible candidates leading the presidential election and the one whom I feared more ended up winning, and it also put myself in a state of distress with the likeliness that he would be brought into office. Knowing where he and Mike Pence’s policies were set to lead America into, I worried far too much for my own friends – especially those who are part of the LGBTQ community, because I’ve connected with far too many of them, even if I may never have met said friends in real life, they have left too big of an impact inside of my life I could not imagine having to see them suffer through such pain. One can say the same for those of race who are suddenly going to be deemed an “illegal immigrant” and likely taken out of their homes all under a delusion that it is supposedly going to “make America great again,” something to which I just cannot stand for in the slightest.

However, there’s something I wish to say to all my friends who have prepared for an event like this to come along – my thoughts are with all of you because of the impact whom you have left upon myself and I would never wish for anything more from any of you. Maybe I can already expect some people to become a new neighbor because of the fact that America has managed to bring itself down to such an incredible low, right here in Canada. Or maybe not. What’s most important is that we cannot let one man and his own army destroy what defined yourself for what you are, your own choices are not your fault and the very idea that there is a possible doom for the LGBT community with gay conversion therapies under Pence’s running only goes to show how we have went to a whole new low, to the point in which we take one’s human rights away from them. If our rationalities have finally hit us at the last moment and we see everything wrong with this running and where it is set to go, there could be hope that the Trump presidency will not be as painful as we may have feared.

This is a time of fear, a time of despair, one that is set to scar the history of America if it ever turns out as badly as we predict. But what I wish to assure those of you who are reading is that what’s most important is that we can stick together during a rough time. We can fight the power that had brought us to such a dark time in recent history. That is all that matters at a time in which it almost feels as if every visible sense of hope is practically gone at this rate. If the many films we have watched during our best moments have taught us anything, I’ll take a quote right from Mad Max: Fury Road to sum up the course of events: “We are not things.” We all are human beings who are set to suffer at those who are under a delusion they believe themselves higher up, and most importantly, we all have each other. Even in Canada, it just worries me deeply because I’ve made too many friends over on social media whom I seem unlikely ever to meet up with in real life. But for how close we have all remained, we’ll meet again, don’t know when, don’t know where, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.

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