Going in Style (2017) – Review


Zach Braff’s presence, let alone involvement in anything is enough to turn me away from watching something. The thought of a Zach Braff-directed remake of the 1979 comedy of the same name was already set to put me off no matter who would have been cast, and add the fact that Theodore Melfi of St. Vincent and Hidden Figures would be writing the screenplay, I’d only have imagined that the most it can possibly be is a harmless comedy that’ll come and go. It caught me by surprise that this was also the first time Zach Braff had ever done something that didn’t leave me feeling any sort of anger or annoyance given the bad taste his quirk in Garden State and Wish I Was Here had left in my mouth – but at the same time it was also the most I could even have expected Going in Style to be. Something that’d come and go without any real impact.

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To Die For – Review


I dislike many of Gus Van Sant’s films, so I was admittedly rather steady before coming into To Die For. Coming out of To Die For, the most pleasant surprise to which I have acquired out of it was that Gus Van Sant has indeed created a film that I also found myself never completely detached from in the end. With To Die For, Gus Van Sant has created a satire unlike any other, something that still rings quite amazingly with the mentality of people and a fear of their lack of relevance as time passes by especially among people who have earned fame for a short while. I only wish that Gus Van Sant had stayed so consistent in terms of the quality of his films especially when he has something as great as To Die For under his own belt. A film that’s truly as funny as it is also scary. Continue reading →