‘Children of Men’ Review: Searching for Hope in the Darkest of Times


When talking about the greatest science fiction films of the 21st century, for me only one film comes to mind when talking about the very best of such and that film is none other than Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men. Although its setting into the future may not have exactly predicted the turn of events in our world to come, there’s still something scary about the fact that we as a species have come so dangerously close to approaching the chaotic world that Children of Men shows us especially if the political climate only ever encourages such mayhem. Worth noting is the fact that Children of Men had barely made enough money to recoup its budget back when it came out, only being reflective of what it feels to be ignored when a message so important needs to find its way to get out. You’ll only watch a film like this wondering how come it actually happens to be so prescient, but at the same time you’d never want any of this to feel like it could become our own reality. You don’t ever want to see something like this happening, and you can continue telling yourself that it won’t ever become the truth, but that’s what makes Children of Men stick its landing so beautifully.

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Going in Style (2017) – Review


Zach Braff’s presence, let alone involvement in anything is enough to turn me away from watching something. The thought of a Zach Braff-directed remake of the 1979 comedy of the same name was already set to put me off no matter who would have been cast, and add the fact that Theodore Melfi of St. Vincent and Hidden Figures would be writing the screenplay, I’d only have imagined that the most it can possibly be is a harmless comedy that’ll come and go. It caught me by surprise that this was also the first time Zach Braff had ever done something that didn’t leave me feeling any sort of anger or annoyance given the bad taste his quirk in Garden State and Wish I Was Here had left in my mouth – but at the same time it was also the most I could even have expected Going in Style to be. Something that’d come and go without any real impact.

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Zulu – Review


Michael Caine’s career has gone all over the map during his early years and in 1964 he caught a big break by starring in Cy Endfield’s war epic Zulu. Detailing the Battle of Rorke’s Drift during the Anglo-Zulu War, Cy Endfield’s picture isn’t always convincing but that’s not to say it is anything less than enthralling. Given as it is also rather well-known as the film which gave Michael Caine his big break, there’s another aspect we can already give Zulu credit for – but I’m speaking as one without much knowledge on the event being depicted. I feel if I knew much more at hand it would be easier to speak upfront but I won’t deny how all throughout Zulu I still kept my eyes peeled even at smaller moments.

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The Muppet Christmas Carol – Review


I get odd looks in some circles whenever I mention that The Muppet Christmas Carol is my favourite screen adaptation of Charles Dickens’s classic story. Yes, we also have the greatness in Alastair Sim’s portrait of Ebenezer Scrooge but Michael Caine’s performance always remained rooted in my heart. Maybe it might be a statement I’m making from pure bias but my heart has always stayed in favour of The Muppet Christmas Carol for I have grown up with the Muppets since I was a child and my love for the franchise has retained through all the years. With the many cinematic takes on A Christmas Carol out there, nothing comes out the same way The Muppet Christmas Carol does for with all the smiles that the Muppets have brought me over the years, this one will always be the best in my eyes.

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