Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party – Review


Convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza invades the screen a third time now at an election year after he tried jumping against a second term for Barack Obama. While I don’t intend to change anyone’s political viewpoints whether you tend to be more left-leaning or more right-leaning, there’s a degree to which one side can make propaganda that can only sink down to an unbelievable degree of lunacy. It was something that I already managed to pick up from another Dinesh D’Souza piece I’ve watched, America: Imagine the World Without Her and it certainly seems that nothing has changed over these years and Dinesh D’Souza only remains a pseudo-intellectual nutcase for conservative ideals at the wrong times.

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What should be known about the perspective of which this film is being told from is that it only embodies one of the worst aspects of the political climate in a modern day and age: the side that only listens to one leaning whereas they dismiss what others wish to say. I don’t intend to shut off another’s political perspective but I can’t find myself bothering to take part most of the time especially given how toxic the climate has become in a modern day and age. The alarming level of toxicity that is present in Hillary’s America represents the very worst of this sort because it takes on such a scattershot structuring that only becomes so alienating in that sense, being overly partisan for conservative ideals.

This level of being partisan is a harmful viewpoint, however, for it goes about presenting what it believes to be “facts” with any sort of verified source only makes Dinesh D’Souza come off as a narcissistic conspiracy theorist: which was the sort of impression America had given me from memory. When he goes back towards the history of the Democratic party, a side he is clearly resentful of, there’s nothing really ever so convincing about what he presents because it only seems that he is cherry picking at facts he knows that he agrees with on a political standpoint, and needlessly blaming an opposing belief system for everything bad that happened based on his own experiences. The problem at hand is that his cases are rarely ever compelling ones for they just shout with needless anger at everything and rarely, if ever, are backed up and thus the whole presentation plays like a gigantic conspiracy theory as D’Souza comes to the most insignificant moments as if they add more to his case but instead make him come off more as a lunatic (coming off a not-so-subtle allusion to Kim Jong-un he makes with Hillary Clinton within the same spot).

On a technical level, it’s also amazing how badly does Hillary’s America fail because the reenactments he presents are not only unconvincing but they are also very poorly ever set up, ranging from Dinesh D’Souza’s time in prison or the outlooks at American history. It’s designed so horrendously for most of these reenactments point back only at the straw men and change up even the most basic knowledge one would ever pick up on them. There’s no sort of flow coming in between sequences for this propaganda piece fails even at providing any sort of nuance that would make anything about it remotely credible for he spends so much on bad reenactments without any sort of research against the Democratic party rather than cries about their history therefore ignoring both what direction they’ve went now and the Republican party altogether.

Here’s another thing that is perhaps worth noting, a film called “Hillary’s America” barely even presents anything about Hillary until the final moments. Dinesh D’Souza’s intentions with Hillary’s America are to lash against Hillary’s standing within the election but he barely even makes any form of statement about her until the final moments but rather instead goes back at their “secret history,” as if it ever ties together with where she has gone, creating the central problem at hand: the film is just patronizing to those who bear a differing political viewpoint. It never makes any sort of an attempt to get any of its viewers closer to its side, but rather instead takes something that would have been common knowledge by those of its leaning and blowing it up to a degree only lunacy would be evident because of how obviously has history been manipulated either through the reenactments or the narrations offered.

Dinesh D’Souza may have indeed gotten down to a new low with Hillary’s America and it’s absolutely mind-boggling to see that there are people who would even be buying into the inane theories that are presented. It rarely if ever makes anything to say about the figure its title says the film is supposedly lashing out at, but rather instead it just wastes its time pandering at its very worst. It never at all tries to be subtle about its standing but clearly all Dinesh D’Souza was more interested in was painting the Democrats as an evil board for they got him arrested. With people buying into this enough to have it become the highest grossing documentary of 2016, I’m amazed that no one has ever thought of going full Shosanna Dreyfus from Inglourious Basterds on people who actually are just as insane as Dinesh D’Souza is, believing every word of them being told within this harmful dreck. America, are you proud of yourself or are you not?

Watch the trailer right here.

All images via D’Souza Media.

Directed by Dinesh D’Souza and Bruce Schooley
Written by Dinesh D’Souza, Bruce Schooley, from the book by D’Souza
Produced by Gerald R. Molen
Featuring Dinesh D’Souza
Release Year: 2016
Running Time: 107 minutes


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