In Conversation with Amanda Kramer: A Talk About Female Perspectives on Cinema

CONTENT WARNING: The following conversation includes talks of sexual assault and toxic masculinity, which may be potentially upsetting for certain readers and listeners.

Following TIFF Next Wave, I had the chance to talk with Ladyworld writer-director Amanda Kramer about her creative process and her many influences. What soon followed was a long conversation about the state of the film industry and how important it is for female voices to climb higher up within in a male-dominant field. You can listen to the conversation below and also read it down below.

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Cinema from the Spectrum Podcast: Episode 1

Hey, everyone! Our first episode is up on Mixcloud on behalf of SheridanLife Radio. This was a bit of a rough trial, but we’ll definitely do our best to improve it wherever we can – after all it was the first time I even tried out for one. This podcast was created with the intention of giving the spotlight to the perspectives of autistic individuals on film and we also seek to cover mental health issues on cinema rarely discussed by the general public. Give it a listen down below.

Image via MGM/UA.